Do You Even Spliff? Marijuana and Weight-Loss

It’s no secret that gym culture has taken a steady rise in popularity in the last few years. Fitness has, of course, always been a concern to the public at large, but the proliferation of 24 hour gyms and new and emerging supplements and diets are making the idea, for some, more appealing. But what if you could ditch the cardio and infomercial diet scams and trade them in for a toke of a joint a few times a week?


Could weed be the key to a slimmer wasitline?
Photo source: Free image on openphoto.ent

A study conducted earlier in the year by GW Pharmaceuticals discovered that two compounds found in the cannabis plant, THCV and cannabidol, can increase the speed fat stored in the body is lost, keep cholesterol levels at bay and improve metabolism rates. The study arose in light of data collected by The American Journal of Medicine back in May that gathered statistically, among their test subjects of 5000 people, those who smoked marijuana were leaner than abstainers. Particularly pertinent, perhaps, when 63.7 of the Australian population is overweight

Such research, although intriguing, needs to be furthered by other organisations; a difficult process given that the drug is illegal in most countries across the world. Smoking cannabis is also, as many health professionals would argue, not an effective delivery method for the drug, as smoking any plant matter fills your lungs with unnecessary and harmful carcinogens. In any case, these studies do effectively further reveal that cannabis has medicinal value; a radical concept in comparison to scientific and political mindframes 30-40 years ago  In order to open up the possibilities of how it can be administered, which can include pill form, or healthy edible products, legalization, at least for medicinal purposes, is a must.

What is your stance on the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes?

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2 thoughts on “Do You Even Spliff? Marijuana and Weight-Loss

  1. Great post mate.

    Might want to have a look at Marijuana and its ability to help people with Cerebral Palsy. Really interesting stuff.

    Also something to note, if weed was legalised it would be aptly tested to see if you were able to drive high! There’s so much confusing and conflicting evidence at the moment.


    • Thanks for the suggestion Gabe, just might do it for my next blog post!

      Completely agree, we can learn so much more from it a legalised environment, but what we do know already is pretty astonishing.

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