Is Growing Your Own Cannabis the Future?

In relatively recent news, a snapshot of the expansive, illegal drug market was revealed to the world when The Silk Road was shut down by the FBI. The site, which was the largest online marketplace where illegal drugs, made over $1.3 billion in its short run and could be used to purchase anything from marijuana to heroin anonymously.  For the public who believe the war on drugs is working, it may have come as quite a shock that the demand for illegal drugs is still immense and was being catered for at the simple click of a mouse. For others, it showed a desperate need for reform; an action to direct this activity and money into a legal, controlled market that could boost our economy for the long haul.  Most importantly, however, is that the very idea of the site showed there is demand to cut out the middle-man. Many users (of cannabis or otherwise) do not want to have to find connections and dealers to buy their goods from, finding themselves in shady areas of town to pick up $30 worth of marijuana. They want to be able to buy direct from the source – avoiding carrying it on the bus or train by having it delivered directly to your door. Although it won’t be long before a similar avenue surfaces, for now however, this option is gone. But what about those that are tired of being part of this back and forth, cat-and-mouse game?

While sites such as The Silk Road made itself a target given that hard drugs were available through it, sites that openly sell marijuana seeds and supplies have flourished, with Seebay, WeedPortal, Nirvana to name a few. The recommended solution it seems? Grow your own. While I don’t intend to go into a step-by-step process of how to do it just here, there are dozens of guides of how to grow manageable plants outdoors and indoors that will act as enough to cater for your daily smoke. Legal bodies, it seems, have turned a blind eye to these sites as they don’t see it as much of a threat, though it is illegal to buy cannabis seeds and cultivate any plants. But if you’re growing your own small plans for personal use, who are you harming? Even in a legal market I believe people would still be inclined to grow for similar reasons to home-brew. It’s cheaper and you know exactly what goes in it – allowing for endless customizations etc. No dealers, no stores or anonymous online servers. Just sweet green right at your fingertips. Such an ideal is going to proliferate as people become more and more disenfranchised with the blackmarket and it speaks a lot for the attitude towards cannabis from a police perspective if these sites are able to keep running. They do not want to dealing with petty ‘criminals’ who have 2 or 3 crops in their backyard, but rather stop the flow of large quantities in a blackmarket that would not exist in a legalised market.

What are your thoughts on growing marijuana for personal purposes? If you don’t believe marijuana should be completely legalised, consider the legalisation of small-scale cultivation for personal use and the decriminalization of having small amounts. Please, as always, share your thoughts and comment below.